Aknede sütten yapılmış ne varsa kısıtlayın önerisi var ama bizim pratikde bu pek böyle gözükmüyor , ama aklımızın bi köşesinde dursun..

Diet and acne

F. William Danby MDa,
aDartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

The dairy connection

By the time the subject of hormones in dairy products is introduced, the hormonal link between hormones and acne is usually understood. Patients and their parents are invited to review Fisher’s original scientific work, available on the same Web site. Patients are told that total avoidance of all dairy products is an essential part of their acne therapy, no matter what adjunctive therapy is used. The list includes cheese, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, cream and all forms of fluid milk, dried milk, organic milk, Lactaid milk, and whey protein–based powdered supplements.

Patients are given the option of either simply avoiding all dairy products and eating low glycemic load foods, or stopping all dairy products and supplementing those they miss with low glycemic nondairy substitutes, whether from soy, rice, nuts, or other sources. A superb list of 2500 dairy-free foods has recently been completed by the organization that supports the “Go Dairy Free” Web site at http://www.godairyfree.org/.

A low glycemic load diet should be integrated as well.

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