*** Melasma tedavisinde yeni bir umut. Hipertiroidi tedavisinde kullanılan methimazole molekülünün %5lik krem formu melasma ve diğer pigmente deri hastalıklarının tedavisinde umut verici bir sonuç vermiş.

Safety of Topical Methimazole for the Treatment of Melasma
Transdermal Absorption, the Effect on Thyroid Function and Cutaneous Adverse Effects

B. Kasraeea, c, G.H. Safaee Ardekanib, A. Parhizgarb, F. Handjanid, G.R. Omranic, M. Samanie, M. Nikbakhshb, N. Tanidehb, A. Eshraghianb, O. Sorga, J.H. Saurata


Methimazole is an oral antithyroid compound that exhibits a skin-depigmenting effect when used topically. However, the effect of topical methimazole on thyroid function has not been reported. This study was aimed at assessing the safety of topical methimazole used to treat pigmented lesions, without affecting thyroid hormones due to systemic delivery. The pharmacokinetics of methimazole, either applied in the form of a 5% topical formulation to facial skin or taken orally in the form of a 5-mg tablet by 6 volunteers, were determined. In addition, the effect of long-term topical applications of 5% methimazole on the function of the thyroid gland in 20 patients with epidermal melasma was determined following 6 weeks of once-daily application. Cutaneous adverse effects istanbul escort of topical methimazole were determined. From 15 min up to 24 h after application, methimazole was undetectable in the serum of the individuals receiving single topical methimazole dosing. Methimazole, however, was detected in serum after 15 min of oral administration and remained detectable in serum up to 24 h after administration. Long-term topical methimazole applications in melasma patients did not induce any significant changes in serum TSH, free thyroxine and free triiodothyronine levels. Topical methimazole was well tolerated by the patients and did not induce any significant cutaneous side effects.

Present data together with the previously shown non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic characteristics of methimazole indicate that this beylikdüzü escort agent could be considered as a safe skin-depigmenting compound for topical treatment of skin hyperpigmentary disorders in humans.


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